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,Tuju Setia Bhd managing director Wee Eng Kong

KUALA LUMPUR: Tuju Setia Bhd has secured a RM257mil contract to undertake the main contractor works for a high-rise project, Jernih Residence in Kajang, Selangor, which boosts its current order book to RM1.5bil.

In a statement, the construction group said its wholly-owned subsidiary Pembinaan Tuju Setia Sdn Bhd (PTS) received the letter of award (LOA) from Daksina Harta Sdn Bhd, a joint venture company belonging to Sunway Bhd (60%) and MKH Bhd (40%).

Tuju Setia said PTS would construct two blocks of 1,605-unit serviced apartments, a carpark podium, retail units as well as other facilities.

The Jernih Residence project is Tuju Setia’s second contract from Sunway’s Group

“Winning this project from prominent players in the industry demonstrates their recognition of our commitment in delivering products with consistent quality and on a timely manner.

“We endeavour to maintain this reputation as the builder of choice. In fact, two of our projects completed in the past 12 months were certified with high quality construction scores of beyond 80% under QLASSIC and BuildQAS. These credentials help us stand out in our upcoming tenders,” managing director Wee Eng Kong said.

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